Big Chew. Big Flavor. Big Paulie's Beef Jerky.

New York Original Recipe Beef Jerky

Elevate your snacking experience with some of our small batch craft jerky. Choose our Spicy Black Pepper Habanero or try the Sweet & Mild... Or BOTH!!! Made with all natural beef. Minimally processed with NO artificial ingredients.

Low in carbs and packed with protein! With 11g of protein and only 4g of carbs per serving, Big Paulie's Beef Jerky offers a satisfying and filling snacking option anywhere, anytime!

Black Pepper Habanero Beef Jerky

For the spicy lovers! Featuring deep flavors of dark soy, mixed with our special blend of spices and brown sugar.  Expect coarse ground black pepper upfront with a vibrant, long-lasting finish of warm Habanero pepper for that BIG HEAT you are craving.  We use a long grain cut, for a perfect, tender, yet long lasting chew.  You're gonna need two, trust us!

Sweet and Mild Beef Jerky

The same long lasting, great flavors of our original Black Pepper Habanero recipe, with all of the heat left out for the ideal balance of sweet and savory.  Seasoned with deep dark soy, brown sugar, special spices and finished with our signature BIG CHEW you can't deny, our original Sweet & Mild recipe offers the perfect Gluten Free option!

Take A Bite Of Our Original Recipe Jerky!